About Mouseketeers
Mouseketeers is a Social Networking Platform specifically for all Disney fans.

Mouseketeers is a social network for all Disney fans! As you interact with other Disney fans, you gain points. Those points can be redeemed into money. The more you interact the more points you get!

Meet other Disney fans who share your passion for all things Disney. Find people to chat with about Disney parks, Disney movies or find people to even hang out with at the parks. Whatever your Disney passion is you are likely to find others on our network who share your passion.

So get ready to interact with other Mouseketeers and start earning those points!


QHow does the Points System work?

You can gain points by interacting on our platform, either by commenting or making a post. Once you've reached your threshold you can then cash out your points for money. You can learn more about the points here.

Q What's included when upgrading my account to Pro?

Upgrading your account to Pro gives you more features and advantages that free members don't have. You can learn more about our different plan choices here.

QWhat makes your site different from all the other social networks?

Welcome to a Disney community where you will find we are focused on what you love most- Disney! There will be no political posts and no controversy here, only Disney magic and love! At Mouseketeers we only want you to feel comfortable and respected in our community. If you ever feel uncomfortable or need to report something, always feel free to report a comment, a post or contact us directly through a message! Welcome home to your Disney community!